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Protection Against Violence. Peace Of Mind For Families.

When it comes to resolving family law matters correctly and effectively, few require as sensitive or delicate of an approach as domestic violence. A lawyer must not only be compassionate and listen to their client; they need to have a complete understanding of the law in order to take the necessary steps to protect their client and other family members from abuse. At the Merrell Law Firm, LLC, you can expect this and more.

Our attorneys are known for their compassion and sensitivity when handling family law cases involving domestic violence. Our legal team has decades of combined family law and criminal defense experience, which allows us to see both sides of the issue, making us effective counsel for both victims and those being accused of perpetrating violence in the home.

Seeking Protection Orders In Alabama

Protection orders aim to reassure victims of domestic violence that they have the maximum level of protection available under Alabama law including protection from:

  • Threats of physical or emotional abuse
  • Actual physical and emotional abuse
  • Harassing communication
  • Unwanted visits from an abuser
  • Interference in child custody matters

If an abuser violates the terms of a protective order, law enforcement is granted the ability to enforce the law and prevent further incidents of violence or abuse.

At the Merrell Law Firm, LLC, we help clients seek the fullest protection of the law when abuse and violence are present in the home by walking clients through the process of obtaining and enforcing protective orders (also referred to as restraining orders). We focus on our clients — whether they are adults or children — making sure their safety and best interests are preserved.

Fighting Back Against False Allegations

Because the courts and law enforcement are quick to act on domestic violence allegations, some individuals have used this to their advantage in child custody and divorce matters to secure sole custody determinations and better divorce settlements. Unfounded allegations are not only unfair to those being accused, they can interfere with an individual’s rights.

While we are sensitive to the needs of domestic violence victims, we also understand the risk false allegations pose to defendants, which is why we provide criminal defense services to those who have been falsely accused of perpetrating abuse or violence.

Know Your Legal Advocates

Attorney and former judge Julie A. Palmer make up our high-caliber family law team here at the Merrell Law Firm, LLC. Their decades of combined experience and well-earned respect of the legal community make them valuable resources to clients seeking protection orders in the state.

Attorney Edward A. Merrell has five years of criminal defense experience as a successful negotiator and seasoned litigator. He is adamant about defending his clients against false allegations and comes prepared to resolve matters inside and outside the courtroom.

Put Our Knowledgeable Team In Your Corner

Combining our skills, we are able to provide excellent representation for clients in a variety of legal areas and for a variety of matters. If you need protection under the law against abuse or need to defend your rights against false allegations, our team is capable of helping you.

If you would like to speak with an attorney at our firm regarding your legal matter, contact our office in Hoover to schedule a consultation. Call 205-874-9697 or send us an email to get started. While we do offer free 30-minute consultations, certain circumstances may result in a consultation fee. Additionally, judge Palmer may charge a $100 consultation fee for her services in family law cases. Please contact us for more details.

Our office is in Hoover, Alabama, and while we primarily represent clients in Jefferson and Shelby counties, we do handle a large number of cases in St. Clair and Tuscaloosa counties as well.