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Our attorneys have the skills, experience and dedication needed to help families, individuals & businesses make smart, informed legal decisions in Alabama.

Efficiently Resolving Business Matters Through Effective Litigation

A dispute between other businesses, employees, partners, shareholders or government entities can arise at any time and, if not handled appropriately, can escalate as quickly as it can develop. Handling disputes effectively takes a deep understanding of the law and an even better understanding of how best to resolve matters efficiently, effectively and favorably. These combined traits — as well as our extensive legal experience — are what makes lawyers at the Merrell Law Firm, LLC, the right choice when commercial disputes arise.

Our attorneys are well-known throughout the Hoover area, Shelby and Jefferson counties and surrounding areas in Alabama for their skill and prowess when it comes to handling commercial litigation. Our track record of success outside and inside the courtroom has earned us a positive reputation among judges and court clerks that often contributes to fast and favorable resolutions.

Experienced Lawyers Seeking Positive Results

Our experience handling business formation matters allows us to understand what’s at stake for business owners when legal issues rear their ugly heads. We take the time to get to know you so we can better understand your business goals and objectives. This allows us to actively seek resolutions that truly have your and your business’s best interests in mind.

We are equipped to handle a wide range of legal matters, including but not limited to:

  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Issues concerning noncompetes
  • Breach of contract
  • Mutual dissolutions
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Mechanic’s liens involving construction companies, developers and contractors

Our business litigation team includes an experienced trial lawyer with an extensive list of courtroom victories and a reputation for securing outcomes that are in our clients’ best interests. Because of our background in alternative dispute resolution, we are also well-known for our ability to settle a majority of business and civil litigation matters outside of court as well.

Know Your Legal Advocate

Founding attorney Edward A. Merrell has more than 100 civil trials to his name and a positive, long-standing relationship with judges and court clerks across 10 different counties in Alabama, including Shelby and Jefferson counties. His extensive legal experience as a trial lawyer and impressive record of jury and bench trial victories make him a valuable resource to business owners in need of a strong legal advocate.

Take The Right Steps To Protecting Your Business’s Best Interests

Litigation can be a lengthy process that can end up costing business owners time and money, as well as damaging the positive reputation of a company. Make sure you’re taking the right legal steps to protect your business’s best interests and resolving matters effectively and efficiently.

To speak with a member of our experienced legal team at the Merrell Law Firm, LLC, or to retain us as your legal advocates, contact our office in Hoover. While we do offer free 30-minute consultations, certain circumstances may result in a consultation fee. Please contact us for more details. Call 205-874-9697 or send us a message online to get started.

We primarily represent clients throughout Shelby and Jefferson counties, but we do handle a large number of cases in St. Clair and Tuscaloosa counties as well.