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Civil Litigation

The Merrell Law Firm, LLC has been involved and very successful at trial. Civil litigation covers a wide range of legal areas, from small contract disputes to large complex legal matters with millions of dollars at stake. In fact, any legal issue can be litigated. For example, litigation is appropriate if you bought a car from a local dealership and the car has been repossessed, or if your mortgage company is attempting to foreclose on your home. Situations for litigation can also include the occasion where your neighbor’s dog bites you or when you have been slandered by someone. While there is a very structured set of procedures and rules in the litigation process, it can also be filled with twists and turns, changing in ways you don’t anticipate. The best litigators are prepared and not easily rattled by the unexpected. For many lawyers, it is their client’s goal not to go to trial. In fact, most issues filed in court conclude in settlement. Once in the courtroom, however, the litigator is a legal specialist who combines oratory skills with legal analysis and cross examination to convince a judge and/or a jury of his or her client’s position.