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Traffic Tickets: When To Fight Them

Police officers hand out traffic tickets to drivers every day. For many Alabama drivers, a traffic ticket is little more than an unwelcome surprise. Even if they believe they received the citation unfairly, they may decide it’s easier to pay the fine than to try to fight it.

However, for some Alabama drivers, a traffic ticket represents something much worse than a mere annoyance. Some can’t afford to pay the fine or face the increased insurance costs that may come with it. Those who drive as part of their employment may fear losing their livelihood if they are stuck with a commercial driver’s license suspension.

We Help Fight Traffic Tickets

When these consequences are on the line for you, you may be tempted to simply forget about the fine and hope the authorities never catch up with you. This would be a terrible mistake, as it can mean the police will have a warrant for your arrest.

A better option is to go to court to fight the ticket. To do this right, you need a lawyer with the training and experience to help.

The skilled attorneys at The Merrell Law Firm, LLC, in Hoover, Alabama, have helped many people to avoid or minimize the damage caused by traffic tickets through fighting the citations in court. In some cases, we have been able to get citations thrown out because the police officer did not issue it lawfully. In others, we help clients reduce the damage tickets can do to their professional and financial lives. In all cases, we help you understand your legal options and stand up for your rights and best interests.

Don’t Delay

You have a limited amount of time if you wish to fight a traffic ticket, and your situation will get worse if you do not act. It’s important to talk to a lawyer and start learning about your options as soon as you can. Get started by calling The Merrell Law Firm, LLC, today at 205-874-9697. You can also contact us by email.

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