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3 types of invisible abuse that could break your marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Family Law |

It is unquestionable that physical abuse that can harm a marriage. Yet, you may not fully have processed the reality that a lesser-discussed type of abuse could also lead to the end of your marriage. This kind of mistreatment is commonly referred to as “invisible abuse.”

While physical abuse is easy to spot because of its visible nature, invisible abuse often goes unnoticed because it doesn’t leave visible scars or bruises. The following are types of invisible abuse that, depending on one’s circumstances, can be just as damaging as physical abuse and can easily lead to divorce.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse occurs when one partner controls or exploits the other’s financial resources, often as a means of asserting power and control. This can include withholding money, restricting access to financial information, sabotaging career opportunities or coercing a partner into financial dependence. Financial abuse can lead to feelings of helplessness and resentment, ultimately damaging the marital bond.

Emotional abuse

When your partner consistently belittles, criticizes, or manipulates you, it could constitute emotional abuse. This form of abuse can manifest in various ways such as gaslighting, where your partner invalidates your feelings and experiences or constant criticism that undermines your self-esteem. Emotional abuse can also involve withholding affection, giving silent treatment or isolating you from friends and family.

Verbal abuse

This is another not-so-subtle form of invisible abuse that can wreak havoc on a marriage. It involves the use of words to hurt, intimidate, or control your partner. This can include yelling, shouting, screaming, name-calling and using derogatory language. Verbal abuse attacks the core of a person’s self-esteem and can leave deep emotional scars. It creates an atmosphere of fear and anxiety within the marriage, making communication difficult and eroding trust and intimacy over time.

If you are considering divorce due to any form of abuse, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being above all else. Seeking legal guidance is essential to understand your rights and options, especially regarding issues such as child custody, financial matters and obtaining protection orders, if necessary.