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4 mistakes to avoid when filing a homeowners insurance claim

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Homeowner's Insurance Matters |

Filing a homeowners insurance claim can be a crucial step in recovering from unexpected damages to your property. However, navigating this process requires attention to detail to ensure a smooth and fair resolution.

Making mistakes when filing your claim could lead to undesirable consequences that may affect the outcome and potential settlement. Your claim could be denied or delayed or your settlement reduced, not to mention a host of other legal issues that may arise. Therefore, it helps to steer clear of these common mistakes to protect your interests.

1. Delaying reporting of damages

Procrastination can lead to complications when it comes to insurance claims. Most policies have a timeframe within which damages must be reported. Failure to adhere to this and your claim may be denied or undervalued. It’s best to notify your insurer promptly after discovering any damage to your property.

2. Non-documentation of the damage

Documenting the damage is crucial to your claim. Capture clear, detailed photographs or videos of the affected areas before initiating any repairs or cleaning up. Additionally, maintain receipts and invoices for any expenses incurred, such as temporary repairs or alternative accommodation necessitated by the damage.

3. Failure to mitigate further damage

If you can take reasonable action to prevent further loss or damage to your property, do it. Otherwise, you might give the insurance company grounds to reduce your claim amount. For instance, temporarily fixing leaks, securing broken windows or covering damaged areas can mitigate further damage and help your claim by showing your commitment to protecting your property.

4. Overlooking policy details

It helps to understand the specifics of your insurance policy. Review it thoroughly to comprehend the extent of coverage for different types of damages. Having such knowledge can empower you to file a claim accurately and effectively.

Remember, a successful homeowners insurance claim often relies on attention to detail, understanding policy nuances and taking proactive measures. Avoiding these common mistakes and seeking legal guidance when needed can maximize your chances of a fair resolution to your insurance claim.