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How can you help your children adjust after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Family Law |

Your children might be afraid when they find out about your divorce. This is often because they’re uncertain about what the future may hold. Some children worry that one parent suddenly won’t ever be around. It will take both parents to quell that fear. 

Many parents opt to use a shared or joint custody arrangement for the children. This enables them both to play important roles in parenting. If you’re eyeing a joint custody arrangement or one like co-parenting, these tips might be beneficial:

1. The kids’ needs come first

One mistake that some parents make is living in the past when they’re dealing with child custody matters. The reason for your divorce and how the decisions you make will impact you or your ex can’t be the focal point of custody decisions. It only matters how those decisions affect your child. 

2. Conflict resolution must be peaceful

The children don’t need to see their parents fighting. Instead of taking a combative stance when disagreements occur, both parents must remain calm. Try to see the situation from the other parent’s standpoint and compromise so you can resolve the matter. At a minimum, make sure that you and your co-parent address any disagreements outside of the presence of your children.

Getting the parenting plan together provides a good foundation for the future. If you and your ex can work as a team to come up with the terms for the arrangement, you’ll have a better chance at being able to remain a parenting team. Be sure you find out what Alabama law says about custody situations like yours so you can make an informed decision about these matters.