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What will happen if you stop paying child support in Alabama?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Family Law |

A sudden financial crisis can wreck your entire economic situation. Once you fall behind on one obligation, you are likely to fall behind on others, worsening your circumstances.

One thing you should avoid when facing a crisis is not paying your child support obligations. Your child needs your economic support, and you could face additional hardships if you do not comply with your court orders.

The Alabama Child Support Enforcement Division can take the following actions to obtain overdue support payments.

Wage garnishment

One of the first methods used to collect unpaid child support is taking it out of the parent’s wages. That is probably the last thing you need when money is already tight. When your wages are compromised, it is hard to get current with your financial obligations.

Property liens

The enforcement division can place a legal hold on the property or assets you may own. Two forms of property that may be at risk are real estate and motor vehicles. Cash is also vulnerable, as the division can take over your bank accounts and intercept any settlements coming your way.

Licensing penalties

Any licenses you hold are at risk when you fall behind on child support. The division can revoke your driving license and interfere with your work life by revoking or suspending your professional license. You cannot catch up on your support obligations if you cannot work as a licensed professional.

Don’t stop paying

Those facing economic hardships that impact their kids need solutions, not penalties. Instead of missing a payment, take immediate steps to keep your child support current. A possible solution is requesting to have your support orders modified, at least temporarily.

Someone familiar with Alabama family law can guide you in this process.