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What can you do if marriage counseling fails?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Family Law |

When couples can’t talk out their issues, the next thing they may try is marriage counseling. Marriage counselors are generally trained in communication and argument de-escalation techniques. In theory, couples therapy should help couples reestablish and rekindle their marriage.

Yet, some marriages are irreparable no matter how much therapy couples get. It could take years before couples realize they realize they need an alternative. What do couples do when counseling doesn’t work? Here’s what you should consider:

Amending a marriage through separation

Many people are inclined to jump to conclusions when their marriage seems over and seek a divorce. However, couples may also try separation, this way couples can stay married, but are free to take a break from the relationship. In some ways, separation could work better than counseling.

Couples who consider getting a trial separation will likely live apart for some time, allowing couples to decide if they want to rebuild their relationship or move on. Couples may discuss how parenting plans work or marital bills are paid during a separation period.

When all else fails, file for divorce

While separation may help reestablish spouses’ commitment to each other, leading to a renewed marriage, some marriages end as a result. Communication during separation may weaken and spouses may drift apart more when they no longer live under one roof. When couples can’t meet eye-to-eye, they may consider filing for divorce