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Installing a pool? Keep these guidelines in mind

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Construction Law |

There is nothing like beating the Alabama heat with a cool dip in the pool, particularly in one of your own. 

But do not let the excitement of getting a new pool cloud your decision-making skills. Consider the following before constructing it.


The safety factor of a new pool is something you should not take lightly. Many cities require homeowners to have a barrier around it. Even with barriers, it’s your job to make sure your loved ones are safe when swimming or playing, especially young children.


You can’t just put your pool anywhere you feel like it. You need to be aware of zoning and building laws. The pool’s location should not get in the way of electrical and gas lines. If you need to move any utilities, it will cost extra.

Contractor’s Credentials

Don’t let just anyone build your pool. Check to see if a potential builder has formal training and licenses. Research online to learn about their reputation. 

Better yet, conduct a background check to ensure they’re a legitimate contractor. Some are scam artists posing as contractors to cheat you and not carry out the task properly.


Owning a pool takes work, but you can ease your burden by installing automatic sanitizers to ensure cleanliness. Make it energy-efficient by building it with large pipes and changeable speed pumps.


Pools are expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you should go and buy the cheapest one. Some pool companies use unscrupulous tactics to trick you into thinking you’re getting a bargain, but in reality, they’re ripping you off. Keep a watchful eye out for these so-called deals.

Constructing your own pool can be fun, but you have to do it properly. You can start by reaching out for experienced legal assistance.