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Can you withhold child support if your ex withholds visitation?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Family Law |

At this point in your relationship with your ex, you have no idea what you ever saw in them – and they certainly aren’t making your co-parenting relationship easy. The hostility between you has gotten to the point where your ex is purposefully making it impossible for you to have visitation with your child.

You’ve reminded them of the visitation order several times to no avail, so you think it may be time to take more drastic measures. Can you cut off the child support payments you make until your visitation rights are restored?

Actions like this can lead to massive legal problems

This is definitely one of those situations where “two wrongs don’t make a right.”  You may not realize this, but child support orders and visitation orders are unrelated. While your ex may eventually get into trouble with the court for their actions, you could also find yourself facing serious penalties – and your visitation or custody rights could be further imperiled.

Child support is not a benefit for your ex but your financial obligation as a parent to your child. By stopping your support, you put your child’s well-being at risk – and that is not going to play well in front of a judge.

You have other options for visitation enforcement

Since you’ve already tried talking to your ex, it’s time to see what the court can do. Gather up your records, your records of communications with your ex and any other evidence you have that they’re unwilling to comply with the court’s orders regarding visitation and get legal guidance. This will help you as you ask a court to enforce or modify the existing order and safeguard your parental rights.