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Can your divorce positively affect your child?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2022 | Family Law |

Your child is growing at an age where they are most susceptible to change. As a parent who tries their hardest to raise their child in the best possible world, it’s a reasonable fear to believe your divorce might cause harm to their development. 

You shouldn’t have to put off leaving an unstable, toxic marriage because you’re anxious about your child. There are many benefits for your child that may come with divorce. For example, your divorce may make it possible to:

Give your child the time they deserve

Unhealthy marriages can be full of arguments, fighting and tension. This all may leave you tired and angry and without the energy to spend time with your child. On the other hand, divorce may give you back lost time with your child. Children often need lots of attention during early development that may be neglected because of frustration in a marriage.

Teach your child how to deal with emotions

When a child witnesses an unhappy marriage first-hand, it may give off the wrong impression on how to handle their emotions. This could cause trauma that later affects how a child responds to their surroundings, causing developmental issues and delinquency. After divorce, you may be able to provide a safe and happy environment to allow a child to develop healthy emotions.

Have a more empathetic child

Your child may become more empathetic from the experiences they have at an early age. Divorce may show your child that life can change for the better. This may be a life lesson that could last for a lifetime, influence their decisions in the future, promote higher intelligence and give them skills to handle the world.

If you’re still unsure if divorce is the right choice, then you may wish to know the options that benefit you and your child.