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3 common breach of contract issues in construction

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Construction Law |

Construction projects are often deeply personal. The professionals providing service may take intense pride in what they do, while the individuals requesting the work have a vision for the final product.

Whether you hired construction professionals to remodel your retail shop or add a new wing to your existing home, you may feel like they have failed in their contractual obligations to you. Sometimes, those conflicts will lead to court proceedings.

What are some of the most common construction contract issues?

Shoddy workmanship

Some construction companies quote professional prices and then hire day laborers with no training or skills to complete the project. If you paid for what you thought would be professional tile installation, only to have irregular tile placement and grout left behind on many tile surfaces, you may take issue with the caliber of the work provided.

Cut-rate materials

If you paid for hardwood flooring, you might feel very upset to discover the contractor used a cheaper substitute. When you have clear documentation that the contractor or company used materials other than what you agreed on, you may have grounds for a claim. This is particularly true if the substitution will affect the value of the property.

Unfinished work

Construction is an unpredictable industry, and things can go wrong. There could be supply chain issues or workers who are unavailable to do specialized work for a week or longer. If there are going to be delays, then the company should communicate with you accordingly.

When a company does poor work, uses cheap materials or doesn’t finish the project, you may need to bring a breach of contract claim. Taking construction professionals to court for contract issues can help you get the work done or at least get some of your money back.