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What determines a criminal sentence?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

People who are facing a criminal charge will likely want to know what type of sentence is possible if they’re convicted. While you might be able to get an idea of a range of sentences, you won’t know exactly what you’re going to get until that time comes. 

There are many different things that come into the situation so it’s imperative to know what factors will go into the court’s decision

Was there a plea deal in place?

Some criminal matters are resolved via a plea deal. When this is the case, the judge will consider the terms of the plea deal as they’re written in the agreement. If these are suitable, the judge will ask some questions and will likely accept the deal. 

Is there a criminal history to consider?

People who have a prior criminal history might have a harsher sentence than someone without any history. The type of prior convictions will also play a role in the sentence. In some cases, there are mandatory minimum sentences that the court has to comply with.

What else will the court consider?

The court will also consider the circumstances of the crimes that are at the center of the case. The victim in the case is another factor. Any signs of remorse by the defendant can also impact the sentence.

People who are facing a criminal charge should ensure they know what possible sentences they’re facing. This can help to shape the defense strategy that they choose. There are many options for the strategy so you must think about how each one will impact your future. You have to make the decisions that you feel are in your best interests.