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Signs my spouse is spoiling our children

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2021 | Family Law |

Parenting can be a challenging job when everyone is in the same household. When your family goes through a divorce, it can mean figuring out your parenting style all over again.

While you and your spouse may both want what is best for your children, you may not always agree on what “best” means. In some cases, there are things that you cannot control, but when your spouse is spoiling your children, it can impact you and your child’s future.

Here are some signs that your spouse is spoiling your children during their parenting time.

Change in response to discipline

There will be differences between your discipline style and your child’s other parent. You may also see a transition period when you change custody.

However, your child should still understand that their actions have consequences. If your child responds to discipline like it does not exist with their other parent, it might be time to talk about expectations and consequences.

Inability to cope with boredom

Before the divorce, you may fondly remember the days when your child could play independently for a while or immerse themselves in a book or video game. Your child was able to take an empty block of time and make it their own.

Now, you might be hearing complaints of boredom or seeing your child getting into mischief rather than finding a positive way to occupy their time. When a child starts to expect to be entertained every moment of the day, it can leave them unable to cope with downtime. Seeing this could signify that your spouse is too busy entertaining your child rather than letting them manage their boredom.

It is essential to keep in mind that every divorce comes with compromises. Before you start the conversation, you should evaluate the issue’s importance.