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Mold can be a major issue after wind and water damage

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Homeowner's Insurance Matters |

Storms that roll through the area can cause significant damage to homes. In some cases, this can involve structural damage. It may also include damage to the roof. Because of the risk of rain seeping in, you must ensure that you get the problem corrected as quickly as possible. 

Homeowner’s insurance should cover the damage to the home as long as the cause is a covered peril. Still, some insurance companies may scoff at having to pay for the repair-related expenses. 

Why can wind damage lead to more serious problems?

Damage to the roof, siding or other exterior features of your home could mean that moisture or rain are let in. It’s possible that mold will form because of the moisture in the Alabama heat. A mold infestation can be costly to handle. In severe cases, structural components may have to be replaced. 

There are many dangers of having mold in a home. It can lead to asthma attacks. It may also cause respiratory challenges, including wheezing and coughing. Some people in the home may have allergy attacks because of the mold. 

If your home has any wind damage after a storm, there’s a chance that serious damage can occur. Contacting your insurance company to file a claim is important. These issues should be addressed as quickly as possible after the damage to minimize the chance of the problem getting worse. If your insurance company denies the claim or is trying to low-ball what you receive, it’s imperative that you fight back to get the benefits you’re due.