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Can you bring marijuana from a state where it is legal into Alabama?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Alabama has not yet legalized marijuana for recreational use and may never do so. However, many states have taken this step, ranging from Michigan to Colorado. This means that many travelers find themselves in a place where they can suddenly buy and use small amounts of marijuana without breaking any state laws or risking arrest. 

Now, if buying marijuana is illegal in Alabama, could you just drive to a state where it is legal and bring it back with you? Would that get around the laws since your initial purchase was fully legal? 

Transporting cannabis across state lines is still illegal for multiple reasons

While it’s certainly true that people have thought of this and even considered it, you do not want to do it. You’d still be violating a host of laws. 

For one thing, marijuana possession and use are still illegal in Alabama. It doesn’t matter if the marijuana products were legal where you bought them. As soon as they are in Alabama, it’s still illegal for you to have them and you could get arrested, just as you would if you brought them here. 

Additionally, marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, meaning you cannot cross state lines without violating federal law. This is why people can’t even transport the products between two states where those products are legal; for instance, trying to fly with marijuana from Colorado to Michigan is a violation of federal law, even though both states allow for recreational use. 

If you do accidentally break any of these laws, it can have serious ramifications, and you need to know about all of the legal options at your disposal for an effective defense.