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A parental arrangement that’s best for the children

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Family Law |

When couples get divorced in Alabama, they need to figure out how to take two joint lives and separate them. This includes dividing property, assets and any retirement plans. Parents have the additional challenge of figuring out a guardianship arrangement that is going to be in the children’s best interests.

Many parents believe that it is in the bests interest of infants and toddlers for a mother to have sole custody. This is based on antiquated beliefs about child development. According to these ideas, if toddlers and infants are forced to spend the night away from their mothers, this could lead to emotional and behavioral issues in the future. There are a number of fathers who are not fans of this idea. They may be divorcing the mother of their children, but they naturally still have strong feelings and concerns for their children. They want to be as involved in the lives of their children as possible.

A more modern view of child development agrees with the sentiment of many fathers. It shows that children who grow up in a family where there is 50-50 joint physical custody fare better than those who grow up with just one parent having physical custody. Children in the former arrangement tend to do better in school, are healthier emotionally and are as inclined to get involved with destructive behaviors, such as drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Fathers who want joint custody of their children may want to discuss the situation with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could help a client by representing them in court during the divorce proceedings, drawing up child custody agreements and arguing the best interests of the children.