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While nobody wants to talk about it, the truth is, at some point everyone is going to pass away. Here at the Merrell Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys will help make that moment easier for you and your family members. The Merrell Law Firm, LLC, can assist you in making sure that your wishes are carried out after your death and that your property goes to the people and places you want, not what the state thinks you want. At the Merrell Law Firm, LLC, we listen to our clients’ desires and needs, and then draft the necessary documents to make sure that those desires are carried out in the manner prescribed by the client. Every person and family is different, so some people want to make sure their spouse is financially secure, or they want to ensure that their children and grandchildren have the necessary funds to get an education. There are several different tools available to the estate planning attorney, and one of the most commonly used is a will. However, many people are also setting up trusts to help protect their assets. Options such as special needs trusts, educational trusts and gun trusts can ensure the specific needs of your family are met.