The Merrell Law Firm, LLC has two attorneys who have undergone extensive training as mediators. Our mediators can take appointed cases or they may be hired by the parties or their attorneys to assist in settlement of disputes. Often, parties want to avoid the time and costs associated with going to court. One way they can accomplish this is through an alternate dispute resolution process called mediation. Mediation allows both sides to come together and discuss their issues and positions with a third party, called a mediator. The mediator is a neutral party representing neither side. They are there to assist the parties in reaching a mutual agreement. In mediation, the parties are in control of the final outcome, rather than a judge. It is beneficial because while a judge might be bound by certain legal constraints the parties are not, which allows them greater flexibility in working towards a solution. In mediation, the parties both give and take; neither side gets everything they want, but typically a viable resolution is reached. Also, if mediation does not work, the parties can still take their complaint to the courts.